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The benefits of an 0845 number

22/03/2013 17:21

An 0845 number has something in common with 0800 and 0844 numbers, in that it is a non-geographic number. Therefore, like the other two types of number, it does not indicate any specific geographic location, other than the UK. This is a huge benefit to a business that wants to provide a service nationally, as it indicates to potential customers that this is a national company.

However, if you have an 0800 number, you have to pay to receive the calls. This is great because the customers and potential customers call you for free, which is a fantastic marketing initiative and shows great customer service, but if you are a small or start up business you might well benefit by looking closely at 0845 numbers also.

With an 0844 number, the customer pays more to receive the calls, which is great for you as you receive a rebate of 2p on every call you receive. However, you might not want your customers to pay more to call you.

An 0845 number provides the perfect compromise between the two numbers – it is a lo-call number, where the caller pays the cost of a local call to phone you, and you don’t pay anything to receive the call. It is the ideal balance, still with the benefit of being a non-geographic number.

You can also use a wide range of added value features with an 0845 number, and choose whether to point it to a landline or mobile, or fax to email. See our website for more information.

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