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The benefits of our Voicemail feature

28/06/2013 11:19

We offer a wide range of added value features to accompany our wide range of 0845 numbers, 0800 numbers, 0844 numbers and virtual numbers.

One of these is voicemail. Obviously voicemail is an incredibly useful feature to have on any phone, as if someone calls you and you are unable to take the call, they can leave a message for you and you can get back to them.

It is incredibly frustrating for a customer to phone a business and for the phone to just ring and ring, with nobody answering or with no option to leave a message. You are left relying on that customer to call back when someone is there. However, if they go on to phone a competitor who does answer the phone or does have a voicemail, then chances are they won’t bother getting back to you. Having a voicemail is therefore not only good customer service, it is also good for business.

Our voicemail feature gives you a personalised voicemail box, which will have a personalised greeting message of your choice. As soon as somebody has left you a message, that message will be emailed to you as a found file, which you can click and play.

Also, to make sure that you don’t miss any potential customers, if somebody chooses not to leave a message, we will still email you their phone number, minimising the chances of any callers slipping through the net.

For more information, please visit our added value features page.

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