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Make sure your customers can always speak to someone–whenever and wherever they are

19/07/2013 11:55

We have a couple of great added value features which can be added to your 0845 number, 0800 number, 0844 number or virtual number, to ensure that if your customers phone your company, they will always be able to speak to someone wherever you are and whatever the time of day.

The first feature is called Divert Calls on Busy or No Answer – or DOBNA. This feature allows us to route your calls to alternative numbers if you are not available to answer the phone. This is ideal if you are away from the office or in meetings, as it means someone else can answer the calls and pass on the message to you. Your customers will be happy that someone answered the phone, and you just need to provide us with the alternative contact details.

The second feature is Time of Day Routing. With this feature, calls will go through to different numbers depending on what time of day it is. So, you might want calls to go through to your home number in the morning and evening, your office number during the day, and your mobile whilst you’re travelling to and from work. You just give us times and phone numbers and we do the rest.

You choose which of these great features is best for you!

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