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The benefits of using our “Press 1 for Sales” feature

30/08/2013 16:50

Our Press 1 for Sales added value feature is also known as IVR or Auto Attendant.

This feature plays a welcoming message to your callers, such as “Thank you for call our business, your call is important to us and will be answered shortly”, or whatever you would like the message to say.

You are then given options, such as press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer service etc. The call is then put through to the corresponding number.

If you are a large company, this is an ideal feature because it channels your calls through to the correct department. This is a major benefit to both your staff and your customers, as your customers don’t have to waste time waiting to talk to someone who turns out to be the wrong person, and your staff can focus on specific areas without having to act as receptionists.

If you are a smaller company that doesn’t have lots of departments, this feature can be ideal to make you look bigger than you already are. For example, you could have 5 different options, but all pointing to the same number. Customers calling would think you are a large business by having lots of departments, not realising the options all go through to the same number.

Any business, small, medium or large can have our press 1 for sales feature, they just need one of our 0800, 0845, 0844 or virtual numbers to attach it to. For more information, visit our website.

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