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How to get the most accurate minutes possible of a telephone meeting

12/09/2013 16:16

We’ve all had very long telephone meetings which take up a large chunk of the day. A huge number of points are discussed and re-discussed, then revisited later in the phone conversation. You try to keep accurate detailed notes, but you are also focusing on the business deal in hand, what you are saying and what the person you are speaking to is thinking. You get to the end of the call, you look back at your notes, and you realise that you have missed something crucial. Or, you finish the call, go off for the weekend, come back on Monday, and can’t remember what you agreed on a certain detail, and you didn’t note it down.

The best way to avoid being in this situation is to get our Inbound Call Recording feature added to your 0800, 0845, 0844 or virtual phone number. We record your inbound calls for you and then send the recording to you by email as soon as the call finishes. You can then listen to the call through your computer. So if you’re sitting in the office after a call wondering what on earth you agreed on a certain point, this is the ideal solution! And it doesn’t involve storing paperwork, you can just keep the recording on your computer in your files with your other records.

To find out more about Call Recording, please visit our website or call us on 0800 142 2488.

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